Sunday, February 3, 2008

Debt Trauma & Money Secrets

All right, not exactly trauma. But slight frustration at least.

Since New Year's, I've been diligently curbing my expenditures. I have totally cut down on entertainment expenses. And I have been dealing with it quite well.

Yet, sometimes, like today, I read articles like this and revisit my finances. They are in good shape. But the road ahead is long. And the fact that you have the resources to splurge in the short term but are purposefully curbing your expenses, though rewarding most of the times, sometimes really gets to you. Its at times like this when one really needs to be careful not to give in and run out of the door to the mall across one's house and buy that new Xbox 360 that everyone at work has been raving about and a few months later sell it at a loss (yeah, I am still trying to get over it :) ). And I am glad that this time, I did not give in. Its amazing how family and friends can take your mind off your worries for a while.

Anyways, now that that (notice that 'that that') episode is over, lets take a look at some of the finer things in life. One of which (and probably the most important) is humor.

In an era when there is a new self-help financial book out every week, why should Dave Barry be left behind? He comes out with this spoof on self help financial books called Dave Barry's Money Secrets - Like why is there a giant eyeball on the dollar.

I have always admired Barry's humor from the days of Dave' World. However, the first time I actually picked up one of his books was a few months back at the library. I had nothing better to do on a saturday afternoon and decided I should pay the library a visit. This book looked interesting, but 5 minutes into it, and I was laughing so loudly, I was given the usual polite "frown" one gets for being overtly expressive of one's emotions at the local public library.

I just wanted to introduce you to it. For a detailed review, look here. On the whole, its a good book to pick up when you are feeling down. It sincerely introduces you to the lighter side of money, revealing the truths about how you actually can become rich doing nothing. Of course, following his advice can have interesting consequences... did I mention this was a spoof ?

I would buy it, but it definitely is worth a read. But not in a library. Seriously. The middle-aged librarian's cold eyes looking at me through those horn-rimmed glasses still haunt me.

Have fun reading it and let me know if you liked it.

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