Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eurotrip - Day 1 - Prague

So I finally see a European city. And what a city - Prague, Czech Republic!

To back up a bit, the Smeal MBA program has Global Immersion as a required part of the curriculum. A few of us (over half the MBA program :) ) chose to visit Prague. This trip is being headed by Prof. Kwasnica and Dr. V. I am quite excited because on the one hand, Prof. Kwasnica taught us a lot about the Global Business Environment last semester. On the other, Dr.V is one of the most dynamic personalities I have come across, and he loves jazz (a deadly combination).

Anyway, after a Megabus ride from State College to NYC, followed by a tense metro ride into JFK (tense because a fellow classmate's flight was one hour before our flight), we finally made it aboard. Along the way, for the first time, I saw the inside of a Delta Sky Club (Thanks Nick!).

Although we were all drained and didn't get much sleep in the flight, the energy levels upon reaching Prague hit new highs. The architecture was beautiful all around the city and it was quite a sight. Most of the day was spent relaxing except for a short walk around the city with a few MBA folks after dinner. At night the city looks really beautiful.

Here are some pictures from today: Day 1 - Prague

Tomorrow we head to the Castle visit and the City Tour.

In true reporter style, stay tuned for more updates!

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