Monday, January 21, 2008


Often times in life, we are lost and don't know which path will lead us to our destination, or in some cases, our destiny. Sometimes, it so transpires that we suddenly wake up from our slumber of ignorance and find ourselves craving for a goal to run towards, an objective to accomplish and a purpose to fulfill. I find myself in such a predicament at the infancy of my blogging efforts. I have two paths to choose from. One would be strict adherence to a topic of public interest. Another would not be as rewarding in the traditional sense, but would let me wander and explore my creative urges rather than channeling them towards a particular subject.

Which do I choose ? I choose to live life by the hour. I have certain ideas, certain interests, certain long term ambitions. I wish to treat this as a picture which will gradually fall into place.

Was that me up there or did an 80 year old Freudian enthusiast's spirit just posses me for an instant ? I'm glad its over though, aren't you?

So, I am interested in books, music, management, personal finance, cooking (Indian) and many more topics. I shall make an earnest effort to try and find my comfort zone. But in the process you might have to tolerate blogs on a variety of different topics. The ride will not be smooth, but I assure you it will be fun.

Gear up !

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